Additional Hosted CareFree Licences

new Carefree 5.6 April 2020


Additional Hosted CareFree Licences
We understand a lot more people will be working from home during lockdown and may require additional hosted users in the short term so we want to help! CareFree will supply any additional users at a 40% reduced rate with no contract and no obligation – that is £30 per month! This will give you the short-term option to increase your coordinator resourcing during this difficult time.

We can take the pressure off by helping you efficiently manage your homecare business and deal with an increase in remote working. Opting to have CareFree host your software enables you and your team to access the entire system anywhere with internet access via a computer or laptop. CareFree will allow you to seamlessly run your business and keep the communication channels open, enabling you to deliver the best care.

Contact us to get further information and to take advantage of this offer.

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