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During this difficult time, it’s important to stay connected and manage your business remotely. Whether you are on our hosted system or on your own server, our OnCall Portal allows you to access CareFree from any device and we are giving it away for FREE! All you need is internet access.

Times are challenging with the added pressure of staff shortages and we understand you are rushed off your feet. Our OnCall app is a simplified version of CareFree and enables staff to immediately view and amend client and carer rotas, communicate with carers and successfully complete all tasks via a mobile phone or tablet, whilst OnCall. It’s very accessible and easy to learn for OnCall staff/seniors who may not know how to use CareFree. This is crucial as it helps you understand each care requirement in order to act quickly and provide the best care.

We’ve had some wonderful feedback from our customers recently who shared how the OnCall has helped them through this crisis.

“I will start by saying how easy to use the application is. The navigation processes you have in place, are so well thought about and smooth-running. People that have not used CareFree before, in my opinion would be able to use this without much instruction. The On-Call Application is perfect fit for purpose, as in some circumstances you are rushed off your feet, and have to act quickly. This application allows exactly that, by helping you understand the situation you are dealing with better and more promptly. OnCall requires working under pressure and acting fast which is very much aided by this new application. I must say, this has helped ourselves out very much in circumstances of emergency by helping us access the required information on our phones and immediately. I believe it is such a high-quality application. I have had absolutely no problems with it at all and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone enough. Through these difficult times, it has assisted our team to be able to work more efficiently and effectively as needed.”

“The OnCall system is very good being able to move multi-calls now for when care workers shift needs changing. Checking missed calls and unallocated calls, this feature puts your mind at rest when you are doing your day to day duties at home. Being able to cancel a call and adding extra calls. The app allows you to log any concerns on a service user or staff file which is a benefit due to being able to time stamp this. The app is reliable for when you are out and need to check on runs, service users and staff.”
Complete Care West Yorkshire

“We have found that the OnCall App is highly beneficial, especially in the current situation we are all faced with. Having a reduced staffing team and having to be field based for over 50% of our working week, being able to change things in an instant in the ever-changing environment we are facing is priceless. The benefit of being able to access this from a mobile phone is even more beneficial as we always have these with us. The amount of information available and functionality is by far greater than other systems we have used previously. Constant changes in staffing levels and customer needs is one of our challenges at present, however we find the functionality of this application is meeting every need we have without having to carry around a laptop to log into the system fully. This is enabling us to ensure we can continue to provide the high standards of care and support we aim to provide.”
ICare Stockport 

“As the registered manager of a community care provider that works across Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven and Harrogate I have found the Carefree Oncall App to be one of the most useful tools to manage a service that operates across such a large area. With staff based in all 4 localities the OnCall App helps me to keep track of calls and make urgent changes to staff rotas from my phone. The interface itself is easy to use and navigate and gives me the information quickly which is most helpful when you’re talking to people on the phone at the same time. The ability to pull up rotas, make changes to rotas including call times, support workers attending the call, cancelling calls and putting logs on the system remotely is game changer not only from a staffing point of view but also from a customer point of view. It gives our customers a great sense of relief to know they are able to contact me and get information about calls and changes no matter where I am.”
The Carer’s Resource

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