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The support team have been very busy from the start of the official lockdown period. From March up until the end of August, we have taken over 5,600 telephone calls for assistance and have raised a further 3,100 tickets in response to customer emails.

The team have quickly adapted and are relying a lot more on electronic communication. This enables us to continue with our regular weekly meetings to discuss good practice and share ideas on any particularly challenging issues. As a result of this, we are very pleased with the feedback we’ve had from customers as many were unaware that our team were still working remotely.

During the lockdown, we have also completed over 55 installations of our portals. These include our new OnCall portal and the Carer/Client portals due to the great response from our COVID promotional offers to provide them FOC to customers during the crisis.

We have a new phone system in place which allows you to leave voicemail messages when our office is closed, should you ever require urgent assistance from the out of hours technician. Please leave your contact details and provide a brief description of the issue you are having. You can also email rather than as that is only monitored during office hours.

Finally, we have been working behind the scenes on our helpdesk systems to capture and manage customer requests for development. This should help manage development projects and eventually, all our customers will have access to our roadmap in our self-service support portal.


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