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During lockdown, our sales team have been contacting our clients to ensure they are getting the best deals and extended support. As a result, we have been overwhelmed with the wonderful feedback regarding CareFree and the positive impact its had on their homecare business.

Zoe Rushton
A1 Quality Homecare
Registered Manager/ Director

“In 2006, following a large growth of our Domiciliary Company we decided that we required a professional rostering system, to assist our managers in planning calls. After meeting with many companies who claim they provide the best scheduling and rostering solution on the market, we chose Carefree.

Initially this decision was made based on the practicality and uncomplicated system demonstrated to us by Steve, along with his easy to get along with and professional manner. However, once we got the system in and running it was quickly apparent that Carefree offered our company more than just planning calls. As a Registered Manager with over 300 Care Worker and 650 Clients, I realised the benefits of being able to manage them with a click of the button through the reports and information incorporated into Carefree, not to mention the wages and invoicing functions that seamlessly export into SAGE keeping everything up to date. We also have the advantage of a fully integrated real time call monitoring system Road Runner, keeping all the staff and managers aware of every call completed. This gives us peace of mind that all our clients are attended too at the right time.

The support we receive from Carefree is second to none, helping us with every little issue or question we may have. 14 years on we can’t believe how we ever coped without the Carefree system and have never looked back. For these reasons, we have no hesitation in recommending Carefree as a complete rostering, and managing system for any domiciliary company.”

Louise Bloor
Director /Owner
“We have been using CareFree for over 5 years and recently signed up to OnCall and portals.  

I can confirm our wages /invoicing now only takes us 5 minutes which used to take up the morning. The rostering system is easy to change as it’s straightforward so we don’t seem to be amending as much as usual given the settings are in place, saving us a lot of time!

I’m really happy with all the features of CareFree and the support has continued to be great during Covid. The communication and the offers have been great too. CareFree has given everyone confidence (especially the older staff who are not as computer literate) as the system gives them everything they need. CareFree gives us the reassurance and continuous support which makes me happy!”

Natalie Ray
Regional Manager
Domiciliary Care Experts

“I love CareFree! The whole system is brilliant – everything! I can’t quantify the amount of time saved but the fact that everything is available in one place saves loads of time and makes everyone’s jobs easier. We are using everything in CareFree – the Careplans, QA schedule, rostering, wages/invoices, portals and RoadRunner and really pleased.”

Yvonne Shillock
Embracing Care

“As a major provider of homecare in County Durham we used the same rostering system for 15 years. After taking on another large contract, we decided to look at other options and one of the systems we looked at was Carefree. We were initially impressed with the level of personal service that we received and having been shown how the system worked we realised that it was much better suited to our needs than the system we were using. We were particularly impressed with the range of reports that we could access and it was, across the board, easier to use. We anticipated problems to start with as we had vast amounts of data to transport and staff who had used the same system for years and were resistant to change, however the support we received was excellent and we were helped through the whole process. We recently visited another office to help them with some problems they were having and found that they were using the system that we used to use. It really made us appreciate CareFree!”


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