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CareFree self-care tips

April is stress awareness month. We are living in a fast-paced world where everything is accessible at our fingertips so switching off can be difficult. Some employees are expected to work harder and longer hours, especially in the social sector where budgets are getting slashed and services are being stretched. Most people are also trying to manage different aspects of a household, finances, and looking after dependents, parents, or other responsibilities. It can be exhausting and more often than not, you end up on the bottom of that huge list, trying to juggle the work-life balance, which can be hard to maintain. However, sometimes we are abruptly forced to get off that never-ending treadmill which can result in burnout, poor health conditions, or even a mental breakdown.

This month we are talking about self-care to help you slow down and enable you to gently step off that treadmill, and ensure you look after the most important person, YOU! It’s a reminder to take the necessary actions to preserve or improve your health. After all, if you are in a good place, those around you will benefit from it too.

There are 7 points of well-being to help support mental and health well-being which include:

  1. Mental
    One of the most important things you can do as everything always starts with the mind. Before any action can occur, it needs to be a thought first so looking at your cognitive wellbeing is crucial. You can practice meditation. Take a few moments (when is best for you) to be present in the moment whether it’s still in silence, going for a walk, or using a meditation app. You can also journal to help jot down any thoughts, ideas, and goals. Finally, practicing gratitude is a great way to feel enriched and helps to welcome positive changes around you because the more you see the positive blessings in your life, the happier you will become.
  2. Emotional
    The key is to learn to manage your emotions to allow you to learn to cope with stress, build resilience, and understand your feelings, which can improve your mental health. By having that self-awareness, it will identify those negative emotions to acknowledge how you feel, and give your self-space to regulate. It can also be helpful to speak to a trusted friend.
  3. Physical
    Be sure to take care of your body with nutrition and exercise. There are many ways you can promote physical self-care. Exercise is a key element that helps improve your cardiovascular system, and improves physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. It also releases endorphins and dopamine which are the feelgood hormones. Eating a healthy and balanced diet packed with vitamins and nutrients helps to promote good health and protects against chronic health conditions. Sleep is important as it allows your body to regenerate itself and heal so adopt good habits. This includes reducing caffeine, drinking plenty of water, limiting screen time, and meditation. Taking Epsom salt baths and magnesium supplements also promotes good sleep.
  4. Environmental
    This involves looking after your environment, whether a working or safe space. Be sure to declutter your surroundings to give you a sense of happiness and calm, and to allow you to thrive.
  5. Spiritual and holistic wellbeing
    Spirituality can be defined in many different ways, but it fundamentally involves the search for meaning and purpose in life and a connection to something greater than ourselves. This can include a place of worship, meditation, yoga, or being outdoors.
  6. Recreational
    Take time out and do the things you enjoy, to help you switch off and give you joy. These include going for a walk, swimming, painting, cooking, and reading.
  7. Social
    Many key benefits associated with social wellness include building relationships and developing meaningful connections with friends, family, or a part of a community. You can also participate in activities that bring fulfillment whilst reducing stress levels.

    Don’t forget that self-care is not selfish. It’s essential for maintaining good physical and mental health. By prioritising these seven points, you can create a balanced and fulfilling life, even when life gets so hectic.

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