Ensuring compliance for staff recruitment.

Have you got the right compliance in place for staff recruitment?

We had a very informative session with Tina Welford, Senior Health and Social Care Consultant, last week who went through the 8 key categories (within Schedule 3) and what you need to do to ensure your compliance is met.

  1. Proof of identity. This includes a recent photograph as this must be a recognisable image to the person. Employers must ensure the person looks like the person they claim to be and take into account any changes to age, weight, or physical appearance.
  2. DBS checks. Employees must ensure the right level of checks that take place are aligned with existing policies. DBS checks need to be done on all staff, including admin staff. Employers must also ensure that the relevant risk assessments are regularly reviewed, and updated.
  3. Evidence of conduct from previous employees. This includes information from previous employers, and character references. Written appraisals may also be used to demonstrate an employer’s view of an individual’s conduct. If previous businesses dissolved, employers must prove they closed down.
  4. Evidence of qualifications/ training. You can look at relevant documents or certificates. The simplest way of doing this is looking at their valid CV which should evidence their qualifications.
  5. A full employment history. A satisfactory written explanation of any gaps in employment must be provided.
  6. Evidence the employee is fit to work (physically and mentally). They need to prove they can mentally cope with the stress of running a homecare business. Employers must ensure the relevant staff risk assessments are in place.
  7. The applicant is unable to remember all their previous roles. If an applicant has not compiled a CV from their first employment, they must still attempt to provide a full employment history. They must also clearly state in their application that they are unable to recall any information. Providers must discuss/explore any gaps further with the applicant at the initial interview.
  8. Risk assessments. Employers are responsible for ensuring all evidence is in place, up to date, and the information meets the criteria for all policies.

The great news is all information and reminders can be managed through our smart CareFree system within our QA and workflow features. We also have a host of risk assessments to simplify the processes and ensure your business stays compliant.

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