Christmassy winter scene with the Carefree logo in the foreground. The logo is covered in snow and has a santa hat on the 'C'

Have a CareFree Christmas!

Have you got your home care agency all set for the festive period? 

With staff absences, whether it’s annual leave or sickness, CareFree has you covered. Our suite of products will ensure you can get everything in place to alleviate the stress, keeping your business compliant so you can deliver the best care.

  • CareFree real-time rotas, a simple and easy-to-use system. This includes our rostering package tool builder which enables you to effortlessly plan the days and weeks in advance, to ensure calls are never missed.
  • Our away planner gives you a visual indication of staff absences so you can successfully plan ahead.
  • The Holiday Calculator allows staff to easily submit, track, and pay staff holidays which is seamlessly integrated with the rotas to ensure wages are accurately paid, especially during the holiday season.
  • Skills matching feature, a must-have to ensure to match the right carer to the client based on their requirements.
  • Our Portals enable family members to check on their loved ones regarding the care they’re receiving. It is a true peace of mind product during the festive period.
  • Our RoadRunner app allows staff to access vital information at their fingertips in real-time. It also sends alerts for no-shows, a great safety net to keep your homecare business compliant.

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