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Smart rostering

What is smart rostering?

Smart rostering utilises populated data to optimise the best outcome for your home care agency. So, what does that mean for you as a provider and why is it so important? With the ever-changing demands within social care, it is so hard to keep up the staff shortages, compliance changes, and lack of time. It’s even harder even if you are trying to juggle multiple sites to ensure all requirements are met.

Let’s go back to the traditional way rotas were created. It would require a care manager to plan and write out the calls of clients and manually allocate staff based on their availability. This would be a stressful and tedious process, which also left room for human error if a client was accidentally missed, posing a danger to clients and your business. Thankfully, technology has evolved from the use of pen, paper, and spreadsheets to a smart rostering solution.

At CareFree, we have an easy-to-use smart rostering system that can quickly allocate calls based on the client’s needs and carer credentials, in real-time. Office staff can simply apply rostering rules to maximise availability and the required skills, all with a click of a button. This saves time, increases efficiency, and helps keep your homecare compliant.

What are the other benefits of smart rostering?

  • Increases safety
  • It ensures calls are never missed
  • Streamline processes
  • Deliver optimal person-centred care
  • Our rotas are directly linked to wages and invoices so staff are accurately paid and invoices quickly and accurately created
  • Easily identify trends or gaps to help improve service

“Introducing CareFree into our services has been revolutionary as it has paved the way to our transition to a digital future. CareFree has helped our Team Managers to save time on tasks such as rostering as there is a rolling rota function, it has created consistency, efficiencies, and operational oversight for us as information can be accessed at our fingertips.”

We monitor our KPI and Working Time Directive information from the rich data we have available to us. We have a live rostering system with automation of key functions – Payroll and Invoicing. Front-line staff have sight of their rotas in advance so they can plan accordingly. We have streamlined our processes and have one way of working across our services due to implementing CareFree keeping consistent with processing payroll data and invoicing via the system. CareFree is a brilliant company to work with, we’ve had several unique requirements that needed developing for our integrations to work with the other systems we use in our business – CareFree developed them for us and kept in constant touch regarding the process. The functions within CareFree are very user-friendly and it’s saved us time being able to see everything at a glance, the system offers a great range of different things we can record and see. It is a great system as we don’t have to buy several other systems and tag everything on, the rostering and billing functionality is already in CareFree and I would struggle to find anything as user-friendly and resourceful on the market. We have over 100 CareFree users and all would say that they wouldn’t manage without it as it plays a vital role in them being able to do their jobs.”

Katie Roberts, Project Manager

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