The January Blues

After an exciting and busy festive period, January tends to make people left feeling ‘down in the dumps’. This low mood is due to the shorter and colder days, it’s an anticlimax of Christmas, some new year resolutions are starting to fall to the waste side, and the increase of the pounds on the body but definitely not in the bank. In fact, that’s when the aftermath of the Christmas spending starts to sink in.

However, the good thing is to remember this feeling is completely normal so instead of giving into “The January Blues”, learn how to beat them. Here are our tips for getting you to feel more positive, ready to take on 2024.

  1. Exercise. Go for a walk, run, swim, bike road, do strength training- anything. Exercise helps to release ‘feel good’ chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that help improve your mood. It also helps with weight loss, strengthen muscles and promotes good sleep.
  2. Cuddle a loved one or even a furry friend. Research states that when you cuddle, our body releases a hormone called oxytocin, that calms you and boosts your mood, helping you deal better with stress.
  3. Get daylight exposure. The lack of sunlight makes us deficient vitamin D, which can cause low mood and energy. Getting exposed to daylight will have a huge benefit on our mental health and wellbeing. Vitamin D will also regulate your sleep cycle properly.
  4. Eat properly. After several weeks of binging on mince pies, chocolate and all that rich festive food, our bodies are craving some nutritious goodness! Swap the refined sugars and processed foods for vegetables, fruits, wholesome legumes, lean protein and nuts.
  5. Drink petty of water, cold is best. Staying hydrated flushes out any toxins, which helps you stay more alert and focused. It also increases energy, relieves fatigue, and promotes weight loss. You can add fresh citrus or fruits to boost the water for flavour.
  6. Reduce or even stop alcohol and nicotine intake. Alcohol is also responsible for poor sleeping patterns, low moods and weight gain. Cigarettes /vapes are harmful to your lungs and body and so it is a great way to help your body and organs recover, save money and kick start some good habits for 2024.
  7. Practice gratitude. When you are grateful, even for the smallest things, it enables you to focus on all the wonderful blessings in your life which helps you improve your mood. Celebrating the little wins leads to bigger achievements, which enables you to stay on track with your goals and move away from negativity.
  8. Take control of your finances. Worrying about money can negatively affect your mental and wellbeing. With the cost of living and high interest rates, it is a tricky time for most people. Start the year by creating a budget, becoming aware of your spending, and save. If you are really struggling, seek help from local organisations and charities who can help your manage your outgoings and see of you are entitled to any benefits.
  9. Always start the day with a positive affirmation or memory. Use this mantra to help you achieve your goal and remember to keep repeating it throughout the day too.
  10. Call someone. Chat to a loved one, friend, colleague or even a charity. Sometimes, life can feel overwhelming but it is crucial to remember you are never alone and there is always someone to talk to.

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