Introducing our new developer, Liam!

Meet Liam Carpenter, who joins the development team as a .NET software developer. He has a passion for web development and comes with a wealth of skills. Liam’s main objective is to create a new cross platform multi-functional app, launching in Autumn 2024, which we cannot wait to share with you!

“Hello I am Liam and I’m a proud father of three (2 girls, 1 boy) age 11, 15 and 25. I love spending time with family as they are the most important thing! I live in Leeds and have a passion for software development. When I am not developing software, I enjoy watching football and listening to a bit of country and indie music. I even attempted to take up the guitar and piano, both of which would be easy if there were only ever four chords invented, but that is another story!

I look forward to working with my colleagues supporting our front line customers. Having recently experienced a great loss, I appreciate the difficulties within this industry. I come from a family of carers who have ended up needing the integrity and support of high performing individuals. This opportunity allows me to give a little back to one of the greatest professions which hold the highest respect and I am grateful for, as they truly are an inspiration!”

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