New for 2022

CF Version 5.8.1

Our latest release is all about app stability. We have invested a lot of work in the background to improve performance and security, including a number of bug fixes. We have also rewritten services for our Birdie partnerships to improve performance and iron out the glitches that some of you may have experienced. The eMARs management has been updated with better reporting and improved notifications in readiness for inspections. In addition, our latest version of portals and RoadRunner also rely on CareFree 8.1 so new services are being written.

We will be in contact around February to organise your upgrade, but keep an eye out for our webinar dates, which will go through the latest features.


As budgets are cut and cashflow is tighter, we decided to recreate our popular RoadRunner app into a web based one. This enables staff to access vital information on ANY device and on ANY platform, saving you money on additional phone charges.

We’ve had a great uptake on the app which has been fantastic. We also listened to your feedback and pleased to announce an offline mode will be released in Q1 2022, to enable staff carry out their daily duties no matter where they are. In addition, we added call notes to the app so carers can view the previous notes left by the carer(s), resulting in better transparency and compliance. Staff can also raise a contact log directly from the app, saving time in the office and improved communication whilst carers are out in the field.

Below is a list of features the GPS portal has to offer.

  • Live staff rotas
  • 2-way messaging functionality
  • eMAR
  • Call notes
  • Request leave
  • Request to cover calls

If you’re already subscribed to the GPS portals, these new features will be coming to you free of charge otherwise please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Family Portals

During these tough and uncertain times, we understand that communication and transparency is more important than ever so why not try our family portals? We are extending our free of charge offer into Quarter 1 so please contact your Account Manager for more details or to book a free demo.

RoadRunner 6.0

RoadRunner still continues to be our most popular application with the ability to log in and log out with NFC technology, whilst keeping your clients safe in their homes and your carers informed out in the field. With the addition of task management and eMars last year, feedback suggested that the app could be improved in terms of ease of use. As a result, we have improved the flow, making it simple and easy for staff out in the field. A double handed call can now nominate a lead carer ensuring only one set of meds and call notes are reported, increasing accuracy and ultimately delivering a safer service.

With more and more companies going digital, data security is more important than ever. The app now has an additional level of security with Web API to keep you protected. Other new features include:

• New Improved flow

• Enhanced eMAR functionality

• Dosage and time between meds management

• Outcomes monitoring

• Rag ratings

• Side effects with meds


Our online care planning system has been rolled out with a number of customers in 2021, but we are working hard on better integration directly with CareFree. With these enhancements, we believe this offers a true all in one solution. The flexibility of creating your own care plans enables you to deliver a personal centred service.

Ci allows you to save time out in the field completing documentation in real time, gaining signatures on the spot and instantly alerting the office. Carers will have sight of care plans via our GPS portals or RoadRunner app. Office staff can also generate reports at the click of a button and access documents directly through CareFree.

Here is a list of benefits with Ci.

  • Efficiency – staff can complete forms electronically via a tablet, gain a signature there and then and even print out on site
  • Security – by completing and storing documents electronically.
  • Accessibility – view information instantly from the office.
  • Communication – receive alerts when a new form has been saved.
  • Fully integrated – prevent duplication with two-way interface between CareFree and Ci.
  • Reduce costs – with data and documents saved in the cloud
  • Adaptable – forms easily created and edited to adapt with your business
  • Accuracy – set mandatory fields to ensure documents are completed and accurate

Contact us to book a free demo and to hear about our exclusive offers coming out in January.

“Ci is a fantastic system as it eliminates the workload as everything is instantly on the system. We are no longer required to type and print paper work, saving us valuable time.”

Daniel Bainbridge – Icare Solutions Ltd

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