Portal new features

We cannot wait to share with you some of the brand-new features our portals have. Whether you are looking to improve communication or be more accessible, you will love to hear what’s in store. Best of all, you can now log in from ANY device ANYWHERE. Here is what else to expect from January 2021.

  • Log in from ANY device making it more accessible for staff. This also saves extra costs as you are no longer required to purchase additional phones.
  • Never miss medication again with eMar functionality as you are now able to track, audit and manage medications, keeping your clients safe in their homes and your business compliant.
  • Our two-way messaging system enables you to communicate with an individual or a team member making it easier to stay connected.
  • You can also view wage sheets, improving transparency and saving time.
  • Upload important documents to an individual or team members via the portals. You can also view which of your staff acknowledged the documents.
  • Allocating calls. Carers can now request to cover calls taking the strain off the coordinators.

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