RoadRunner 6 launch

We are so excited to announce the latest updates to our RoadRunner app. It has the same interface but with a host of new features, which we know you will love! 

What’s new?

Medication time stamp

Our medication feature has been improved with an automatic time stamp. This ensures carers can accurately record the date and time medication has been administered keeping clients safe and your business compliant.

Offline mode

Get full access to the RoadRunner app whilst out in the field. The offline mode does not require WIFI which enables carers to get all the relevant information at their fingertips.

Client’s risk assessment

Easily identify which clients are considered a high risk, to deliver the most appropriate care to meet their criteria. A true person centred feature.

Mileage and expenses

Carers can simply submit mileage and expenses through the app to ensure wages are accurately paid.

Improved call handling workflow

Simply fill out any missing details like task management or call notes, saving time and increasing efficiency, whilst out on the field.

Task management functionality

We have improved the process flow to ensure carers never miss a thing. With task manager, a simplified list to demonstrate the specific needs of the client to ensure they get the best care, saving time and increasing safety.

Unallocated calls

Carers can request any unallocated calls, enabling them to take control of their schedules. Office staff will receive alerts and required to manually approve each one to ensure calls are never missed and increasing safety.

Request leave

Carers can remotely request annual leave with a click of a button. Alerts are instantly sent to office staff for approval, saving time and increasing compliance.

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