Software updates

We are happy to confirm CareFree 5.7 will be available in the latter part of January 2021. Our wonderful team have spent many hours testing and updating our software to ensure you get the latest products and features for CareFree 5.7 and RoadRunner. One of our main features is eMars, which can now be accessed on CareFree, RoadRunner and our Portals. This ensures medication is never missed as you can now track, audit and manage everything, keeping your clients safe in their homes and your business compliant. Here is a sneak peak of what else to look forward to.

CareFree – enhanced product features

  • It now has a fresh new look.
  • NMDS works with the new guidelines for ACW WDS. This now means you can export all required data from CareFree on to the NMDS website, saving staff valuable time.
  • We also have a NMW report to ensure carers are on the correct wage bracket, which makes payroll a whole lot easier as it takes everything into account – hours, mileage and expenses to get accurate figures.
  • Enhanced medication functionality is now available within CareFree, our RoadRunner app and our Carer/Client portals.
  • Providers using ECM will receive alerts if carers are not staying the required length of time during visits or missed calls, which is crucial to ensure client’s safety and business compliance.
  • Holiday calculator is in line with government legislation you can now go back up to two years to give homecare providers a true indication of carer’s entitlement.

We have also updated our RoadRunner app which now has a host of new benefits. These include:

  • eMars and task management. You can now give carers the reassurance that all tasks and medication have been completed as a response will be required before logging out of the app.
  • Carers can now measure and track patient outcomes over a period of time to create personalised plans with our outcomes feature.
  • Digital care notes. You can now record and view a client’s care notes via the app. This new feature removes paperwork and requires a carer to leave a note before logging out, to ensure nothing is ever missed.
  • Relieve time and stress for coordinators as carers can now pick-up unallocated calls.

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