Support team

Last month, we said goodbye to Adam in support as he decided to move on in a slightly different career direction after spending 3.5 years working for the CareFree support team. We’re going to miss his experience and knowledge and we’re sure our customers are also sad to see him go.

However, we are extremely pleased to announce Kazys Liskus has joined the team to replace Adam. Kazys started on 16th November but has already made remarkable progress and has impressed everyone with how much he has picked up in such a short space of time. After working in the office for four days, he had worked through all of the CareFree training material, understood how our helpdesk system worked and begun picking up customer requests which had arrived via email. He’s already started making calls back to our customers and we are certain it won’t be very long until he is answering calls. We are confident Kazys will become a popular and proficient member of the team.

Our support team are still primarily working remotely and we anticipate that this will continue into the new year. We are confident that our support provision has not been adversely affected by the need to work from home, but we’re always keen to hear feedback from our customers.

We can confirm our team have resolved just under 3,500 customer queries in Q3 of 2020 and we met our resolution SLA time in over 96% of those cases. We expect things to get busier towards the end of Q4 as we head towards Christmas and the New Year. We will also continue to support our customers during the festive period.

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