We are super excited to introduce another new CareFree team member!

Introducing Jordon Vigers, another addition to our fast growing team. Jordon joins CareFree as our highly experienced and highly motivated New Business Development Manager. His passion for technology, drive to make a meaningful impact, and his background in Computer Science will make him a wonderful attribute.

“My name is Jordon Vigers and I am thrilled to announce that I’m embarking on a new chapter of my journey with CareFree.

I’ve previously had the opportunity to design and implement bespoke solutions for various departments, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of technology in optimising workflows and enhancing efficiency. Yet, it was a subsequent transition into software sales within the care sector that truly illuminated my path forward.

Although my role in software sales wasn’t hands-on in the traditional sense, it allowed me to bridge the gap between technology and its practical applications, particularly within the realm of social care. Advocating for digital solutions that could empower care organisations to deliver better services resonated deeply with me, igniting a sense of purpose that had been simmering beneath the surface.

After spending some time immersed in the social care industry, it became abundantly clear: this was where I belonged. The opportunity to support care companies in leveraging digital systems to improve their operations and, ultimately, enhance the quality of care they provide filled me with an unparalleled sense of fulfilment. Helping those who dedicate their lives to helping others has become more than just a career – it’s become my calling. Each day, I find joy in knowing that my efforts contribute to a greater cause, making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

As I step into this exciting opportunity at CareFree I’m filled with anticipation for the possibilities that lie ahead. I’m eager to continue my mission of supporting care organisations and look forward to the challenges and triumphs that this year will bring.”

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