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We’ve been busy behind the scenes working on a whole new look for our mobile app, RoadRunner.

The team have listened to our users and we think it’s easily our best version yet, putting RoadRunner back at the forefront of mobile care apps. It’s been revamped and enhanced, bringing you a host of new features to save time, help staff retention, and help meet the latest compliance standards.

New home screen

A fresh, modern look that places all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Improved user interface

Improved navigation and a cleaner interface allow carers to find relevant information more quickly, enabling them to spend more time with their clients.

Best in class medication management

Designed in collaboration with medical professionals, our new medication management system helps ensure medication protocols are accurately followed and documented.

Managed and monitored from the office via the CareFree eMAR system, our enhanced medication monitoring system eliminates many of the potential pitfalls associated with medication management.

Better task management

Add tasks to ensure specific procedures are completed during each visit, in addition to medication administration. These tasks include housework, meal preparation, and food shopping.

Body maps

Upload body maps directly from CareFree to ensure accurate medication administration. Additionally, highlight any risk assessments, particularly those involving paraffin-based creams, to ensure compliance is consistently met.

Carer wellbeing & retention

Check in with staff daily by having them answer two simple questions to see how they are feeling. This approach helps them feel valued and improves staff retention.

Care plans

Upload client care plans directly from CareFree, allowing carers to access the client’s medical history, care needs, and personal preferences, ensuring optimal care is delivered.

Monitoring, outcomes & much more

RoadRunner’s Person-Centred Care approach is further enhanced with our new client assessment and monitoring sections, enabling carers to record and track clients’ wellbeing.

Our fully customisable solution allows you to select criteria from a wide range of areas, including nutrition, hydration, and falls. This helps identify trends, aiding in the successful delivery of outcome-based care and the evidence-based reporting required for CQC compliance.

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