Client & Carer management

CareFree’s client and carer management feature is your ultimate solution for efficient, effective, and personalised home care coordination.
Experience effortless client and care management features.
  • Streamlined Staff Availability: Our intelligent system provides real-time visibility into carer working hours and availability, effortlessly matching the right carer to each call. Say goodbye to manual scheduling hassles.
  • Effortless Communication: Utilise in-app messaging and SMS to stay connected with staff members, whether individually or in groups. All replies seamlessly integrate into the CareFree system, creating a comprehensive communication log.
  • Versatile Data Management: CareFree goes beyond the basics, allowing you to store a wide range of data. You can even customise fields to gather bespoke information, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • Smart Preferences: Set preferences for both carers and clients, and let our system intelligently factor these preferences into scheduling. No need to remember client preferences as CareFree takes care of it, making sure the right person is always on the job.

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