Online Care Planning made easy and simple!

Ci is the latest addition to the CareFree product portfolio. The process both starts and ends in CareFree ensuring a seamless experience for office staff and staff out in the field. Having the ability to generate care plans, assessments, supervisions and all related documentation in real time is all available through Ci. CareFree Ci allows the completing of all care-related documents in the service user’s home being readily available back at the office saving time, increasing efficiency and improving process.

Build your own templates

Our simple drag and drop form builder allows you to build customised templates of your documentation. With the ability to include free text, multiple choice and drop down options, it really does make it simple to complete with the clients. Forms can also be made more person centred with the ability to take photos, or record audio and video.

Gain signatures on the spot

Cut the process time with the staff member being able to complete all aspects including signatures on the spot. Once the form is saved by the staff member, the office is alerted and the form will save directly into CareFree.

Reports at the click of a button

Forms can be automatically converted into a PDF and printed. Forms are also saved in one central location against the client’s record in CareFree for ease of access. Vital for auditing purposes.

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