OnCall :
A gateway to CareFree - anytime, anywhere!

Experience the freedom of seamless connectivity with OnCall, the web-based interface for CareFree. Access vital information anywhere with an internet connection, giving you flexibility and accessibility at your fingertips so you’re not tied to your desk.

Uncover the key advantages:

  • Remote Access: Stay connected and in control, even when you’re miles away from the office.
  • Real-Time Information: Check rosters, scheduling details, and care plans on-the-go, ensuring you’re always in the know.
  • Open Communication: Raise requests and concerns effortlessly through our user-friendly app, ensuring your input is heard and acted upon.
  • Business Management: Manage your homecare agency just as efficiently as if you were at your desk, keeping operations smooth and streamlined.
  • Ideal for Remote Teams: OnCall is perfect for remote teams, enabling collaboration and access to critical data, no matter where your team members are located.
  • Support for Regional Managers: Share vital information and the ability to oversee operations, ensuring consistency and excellence in care delivery.

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