Empower Your Homecare Agency with CareFree Solutions

Elevate efficiency and compliance to new heights with CareFree’s comprehensive HR solution. We put you in complete control, ensuring that staff training, holiday management, and supervisions are seamlessly met, whilst helping your homecare company meet CQC requirements.
Explore the key HR benefits:
  • QA and Training Credential Mastery: Effortlessly manage QA and training credentials, ensuring that your staff is always well-prepared to deliver top care.
  • Staff Training: Simplify staff training processes, reducing time and resources required for onboarding and skill development.
  • Efficient Workflow: Optimise your company’s workflow, enhancing productivity and allowing you to focus on providing exceptional care.
  • Proactive Holiday Management: Ensure holidays are managed seamlessly, reducing disruptions and ensuring optimal care delivery.
  • Strategic Absence Planning: Plan absences proactively with our Away Planner, ensuring there are no gaps in care coverage.
  • Personalised Mail Merge Abilities: Create personalised communication with ease, improving relationships with both staff and clients.

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