Rostering & scheduling

Revolutionise your rostering with CareFree.

Our user-friendly live rota system ensures no call is ever missed, and your clients’ needs are consistently met. We understand the need to be flexible when managing rotas and schedules, and that’s why we prioritise swift action.

Discover rostering features:

  • TWAB (This Week And Beyond) Empowering care staff to create efficient long-term rostering templates, saving invaluable time.
  • TWO (This Week Only)
    Streamline weekly alterations with ease.
  • Effortless Rota and Package Wizard
  • Precision in ‘This Week and Beyond’
  • Seamless Rotational Calls Management
  • Efficient Runs and Double Ups Coordination
  • Shadowing Support for Training and Onboarding
  • Smart Rostering and Skills Matching
  • Eliminate Unallocated Shifts
  • Strategic Capacity Planning
  • Proactive Absence Management
  • Plan Absences with Our Away Planner

CareFree has helped our Team Managers to save time on tasks such as rostering as there is a rolling rota function, it has created consistency, efficiencies and operational oversight for us as information can be accessed at our fingertips.

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It saves around 60 to 70% of my time with rotas as we don't have to spend time making and filling in spreadsheets. It also allows you to use QAs as your audits.