Our rota system is seamlessly linked for effortless compliance within your homecare agency, giving you a data-driven solution with true peace of mind, whilst helping you meet CQC requirements.

Explore our compliance toolkit:

  • Empowering Compliance Reports: Empower compliance reporting by closely monitoring staff inductions through workflows, ensuring accuracy in NMW and holiday pay calculations.
  • Precise Auditing Capabilities: CareFree’s software offers precise auditing features, including detailed reports and user logs, allowing you to effortlessly track system changes and maintain a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Effortless HR Compliance: Manage staff leave, sickness, shift planning, rota, and expenses seamlessly. Stay on top of staff qualifications, DBS checks, and workflows with our QA feature, guaranteeing all staff possess the necessary credentials.
  • Efficient Incident Monitoring: Seamlessly log and track accidents, incidents, safeguarding measures, and complaints through our integrated contact logs, facilitating comprehensive reporting and record-keeping.

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