CQC Outstanding Rating

CareFree Management, the all-in-one software solution, helps Intermediate Care at Home achieve outstanding CQC ratings. The homecare provider has worked with CareFree for over 10 years, helping them grow and continuously deliver optimal care to their clients. Sheena Chapman, Business Manager, describes how CareFree helps them deliver the best service, allowing them to go above and beyond to achieve their well-deserved ratings.

CaringCareFree Management and their scheduling system plays an essential part in the delivery of Care Plus Group’s (CPG) Intermediate Care@ Home’s (ICAH) Safe, Responsive, Caring, Well Led and Effective service. Respect for people’s privacy and dignity is at the heart of everything ICAH do. This can be as simple as addressing a service user by their preferred name or requesting that a mature staff member supports with their daily living tasks, etc. CareFree holds all this information for sharing with the relevant professionals, ensuring the service user receives the best possible care.

Responsive – is one of CQC’s key words that identifies whether our service is meeting the needs of the service user. CareFree allows the team to immediately identify capacity levels and to manipulate calls to free up staff to respond to such requests in real time.

EffectiveCareFree plays a critical role in ensuring ICAH remains an effective service. Staff training is key to delivering a top-notch service and sessions are presented using a variety of media catering for all staff’s preferences. Succession planning is very dear to our hearts so CareFree allows us at the touch of a button to identify any additional needs required to support our service users, increasing knowledge and giving staff the key elements for progression with ICAH/CPG.

Well Led – ICAH is a well led service with robust monitoring programmes that are continuously reviewed to maintain the high quality of care delivered to people within North East Lincolnshire. Without CareFree and their RoadRunner app, ICAH would not be able to produce the relevant reports, which is essential to our business.

Safe – Functionality within CareFree ensures all staff and service users are safe with real time alert notifications that identify if a staff member has been delayed or exceeded the allocated time with the service user. This allows for follow up calls to ensure staff are safe and identify if an additional staff member is required to support.

The allocation feature within CareFree identifies which staff members have the most relevant criteria to ensure they are best matched to the service user, so they can meet all their requirements. The RoadRunner app enables staff to see live information identifying if calls are time critical, double handed or if there are any medication requirements. This also gives office staff peace of mind knowing that calls are allocated and families can be assured the staff member attended will be fully aware of the requirements for their loved ones, ensuring the best possible care is delivered.

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