GPS Portals – New product release

We are happy to announce the release of our GPS portal, a web app which works on ANY device ANYWHERE. Carers can now log in and log out using the app which takes GPS coordinates to ensure staff are where they should be. Actual times are sent back to CareFree which automatically verifies time sheets, saving time and ensuring clients get the full care they are entitled to. Staff receive instant alerts if medication is not complete within our Task Management Portal. The eMars dashboard allows you to instantly see what medication has been completed, partially taken or missed to successfully manage your client’s medication and keeping them safe at all times. Our eMars chart also allows staff to quickly access client medical records to see what meds have been administered, protecting your client, your homecare business and help towards CQC compliance. In addition, office staff can easily add/amend medications, frequencies and dosages to ensure the correct medicine is administered, preventing duplicates or missed medications. You can also run reports on missed meds and the required precautionary actions to improve your process and provide evidence upon request, during an inspection. We are delighted that a lot of customers have already started using the GPS portals. Contact your Account Manager for a free demo if you want to find out more. Here is what a couple of our customers had to say so far.

“Carers can access the app on their own phone without the expense of having to provide them all with a company mobile phone, meaning that our business does not have to enter any mobile contracts or worry that carers exceed allowable data, call and text limits. This for any business large or small will be a big benefit.”

“This will save our business thousands of pounds per year.”

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